she can mate animals for life ...
but her own love life is a train wreck.

the mating game

The Mating Game follows the life and loves of Zoe Ross, a beautiful zoo vet and nature show host, who is a Zen master at helping animals to mate but her own love life is a mess.

Characters you'll love

It all starts when Zoe’s fun-loving but brutally honest friends, Hardy and Neil, try to find Zoe a mate. Hardy is a pregnant lesbian. Neil is the uber-hunk that directs Zoe’s nature show. His bevy of hotties is legend. Then there's her second ex-husband Connor ... a disaster waiting to happen.


She can help mother nature
… she just can’t help herself.

"The characters in The Mating Game are people you'll recognise ... perhaps even in yourself."
Irene Dobson - Producer
"The Mating Game is a heart warming story of our search for love and all the bumps along the way."
Shirley Pierce - Writer/Producer